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Prepare yourself for the all too deadly future. Cash, the heroine of Cyborg 2, is living safe in the free zone. But not for long. Biomechanical problems are taking down her systems and a visit to a doctor in Silica confirms her worst fears. She is more then a marvel of cyborg technology. She is the first of her kind to become a creator-she is pregnant.
This low budget B-movie ranks among my all favourites and i must have viewed it easily a hundred times.<br/><br/>The film is drained of cash somewhat on the effects front but Richard Lynch (Anton Lewellyn) more than makes up for this with his portrayal of a intelligent, ennoble, cyborg recycler. The performance is rich in character with his trademark cigar and random cries of &quot;well well, what we got here aye!&quot; and &quot;I&#39;m no cyborg!!&quot;<br/><br/>Katherine Haje (Cash) is far too whiny and annoying to be taken seriously in the film, As is Lewellyn&#39;s cyborg sidekick Jocko who tries getting over as a bad guy by casually tossing an elderly female called doc edford around a room before finishing her with a big blunt blade &quot;Oh sweet mother of god!&quot;<br/><br/>But this is the beauty of Cyborg 3, every Friday night me and my buds huddle round the T.V for 90 minutes of non-stop laughs be it the soundtrack boasting such songs as &#39;Call me master&#39; or &#39;Amazing Grace&#39; both by Militant Love Baby who haven&#39;t been seen or heard of since!, And classic characters such as Decaf, Elexia, Doc Edford and Lord Talon played by the legendary Malcolm McDowell who despite having front cover billing, dies just 1 minute into his performance!<br/><br/>Cash is the first cyborg to become pregnant and making her a very valuable prize to Recycler Anton Lewellyn, She seeks out legendary designer come air guitarist Evans (a much pudgier returning Zach Galligan of Gremlins fame) to help her find the free zone were cyborgs are safe from being hunted<br/><br/>The location of the film and the majority of the actors manage to create a hilarious account of a future world of scavenging recyclers led by Anton Lewellyn, looking for the fabled Sci-Town were a treasure trove of cyborgs and parts await them.<br/><br/>I would beg anyone who has the opportunity to view this film, to do so as it has an unexplainable greatness about it, In addition to this i have never seen the film retail for more than £3.00 so the investment is small and most definitely worth it for the rewards you are sure to reap.<br/><br/>Reviewed by Charles K Cotterill
I&#39;ve read some other comments about this film and most of them said that this is a low budget film. Maybe it&#39;s true, but that didn&#39;t seem to me when i watch this film. The special effects were quite good for a movie made in 90&#39;s and also there were some good action sequences. What else did i liked about this film were colorful characters and pretty weird music. I&#39;ve seen the first two Cyborg films and i think this is worth watching sequel. Like the first two films this one also has a good plot(maybe even better than in the first film) and lots of action(this time there is more shootouts and car chases). One of the cyborgs is played by Evan Lurie who is known for some roles in martial arts films so in the end there are some good martial arts scenes.

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