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The Correct Way To Kill Movie In Hindi Free Download > DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

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Somebody is systematically killing off foreign agents and Steed, who is initially implicated, declares a truce and calls on his Russian opposite number, Nutski. Along with Soviet agents Anna and Ivan the Avengers discover SNOB, an exceedingly English gentlemen's club with murderously patriotic members.
"The Correct Way to Kill" was the first remake of a Cathy Gale episode ("The Charmers"), and would be followed by two more, "The Joker" (remake of "Don't Look Behind You") and "The 50,000 Breakfast" (remake of "Death of a Great Dane"). This one lacks the 'charm' (pun intended) of the original, substituting an actual, no-nonsense Soviet agent (Anna Quayle) for the sexy actress (Fenella Fielding) posing as an agent, who thought that Steed was just an author of adventure stories, rather than the real thing. Series veteran Philip Madoc ("The Decapod," "Six Hands Across a Table," "Death of a Batman," "My Wildest Dream") gets shortchanged as well, as the Russian Ivan, sent to kill Steed in the mistaken belief that he is the one who has been bumping off enemy agents (Steed: "I haven't killed anyone all week!"). Michael Gough, unforgettable in "The Cybernauts," replaces Warren Mitchell as Nutski, Ivan's superior, who suggests a swap of agents, Ivan with Mrs. Peel, and Steed coupled with Olga Vilovski (Quayle, unfortunately dour and humorless). Things go pretty much the same way as before, with a few surprises, the best when Mrs. Peel breaks into Nutski's safe and finds photos of Steed, marked "Dangerous-Handle with Care," and herself, marked "Very Dangerous-Do Not Handle at All!" which brings a VERY pleased smile to her face! Emma also shows a rare jealous side as Steed discusses his evening with Olga (it was nearly always Steed who showed his jealousy-can't says I blame him!). The exciting swordfighting climax again takes place at the charm school, which here is called SNOB! (Sociability, Nobility, Omnipotence, Breeding). Also on hand are Terence Alexander ("The Town of No Return" and "Love All"), Peter Barkworth ("Kill the King," "The Medicine Men," "The Morning After"), Graham Armitage ("Quick-Quick Slow Death), Timothy Bateson ("Have Guns-Will Haggle"), Joanna Jones ("All Done with Mirrors"), and John G. Heller ("Man-Eater of Surrey Green" and "Split!").
Somebody has murdering enemy agents; Steed and Mrs Peel initially believe it is part of a purge but then an enemy assassin tries to kill Steed as he thinks he must be responsible… clearly a third party is involved. To find out who did it a temporary truce is declared and Steed is teamed up with Agent Olga Vilovski while Mrs Peel is partnered with Ivan Pepitoparoff. There is a clear lack of trust as they don&#39;t share all their information about one of the dead agent&#39;s last movements. While Mrs Peel is visiting one of those locations Ivan disappears; only to be discovered again by Steed and Olga in a box of umbrellas. Ivan&#39;s boss, Nutski believes their agreement has been broken. Steed and Olga follow the box to SNOB; a society dedicated to making true gentlemen; of course they recognise that there is nothing they can do for somebody as refined at Steed! It isn&#39;t a surprise when this group is revealed as the true villains of the story but by then Steed and Olga are in danger; luckily Mrs Peel is on her way.<br/><br/>This was a highly enjoyable episode; the members of SNOB were entertaining villains; utterly polite and proper right up till the killed their victims. Having Steed and Mrs Peel partnered with other people was fun; I particularly liked Anna Quayle&#39;s performance as the somewhat dour and less than subtle Olga… very different to Mrs Peel. There was a nice twist when we learn the identity of the man behind SNOB as he seemed to be the opposite of what they stand for. There are some nice humorous moments; most notable when Mrs Peel finds photographs of Steed and herself labelled &#39;Dangerous-Handle with Care&#39; and &#39;Very Dangerous-Do Not Handle at All&#39; respectively in Nutski&#39;s safe. The final confrontation, during a SNOB fencing class, proves to be entertaining as does the villains ultimate demise. Overall a fun episode.

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